10 Wedding Anniversary Sayings for Husband and Wife

Our best collection of 10 wedding anniversary sayings for husband and wife are a great source when you need the right words to wish for a wedding anniversary. It’s no secret that anniversary becomes an essential milestone in a relationship. It is the best moment to turn back into the memory where a couple head to the same direction together.

10 Best Wedding Anniversary Quotes and Sayings

Since anniversaries are not just a modern celebration, it must be perfect to cherish this moment by sharing a sweet and beautiful quote to your better half. Whether it is your first anniversary or more, it has always been embraced with heart. So, here we’ve put together 10 wedding anniversary sayings for husband and wife that will inspire you.

No. 1 – 5: Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Husband

Firstly, let’s use a saying based on Mark Twain’s popular quote “A perfect marriage is when there are two imperfect persons decline to give up on each other.” This quote will be nice to remind how much both of you have done to always love each other. Secondly, there is a simple, yet sweet quote like “Thanks for being you.”

The third one on these 10 wedding anniversary sayings for husband and wife will be “The most wonderful thing I ever did was to decide that you are the one who I want to share my heart and life to.” It is surely one of the sweetest saying that you should share to your better half during a wedding anniversary celebration.

Next, there is another sweet wedding saying that you should take into account “We probably don’t own it all together. However, together we own it all.” Say this word to your better half when celebrating your anniversary and you will melt his heart. Fifth, there is a saying inspired by Steve Maraboli’s quote “I will spend an infinity loving you, respecting you and caring you.”

No. 6 – 10: Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Wife

The upcoming list of these 10 wedding anniversary sayings for husband and wife will focus more on romantic anniversary quotes for wife. One of the best sayings on this special moment will be “We may get old, but it never gets old to tell you I love you.” Next, you can also say this quote to her “I never feel alone, because I have you.”

Then, we also have another romantic quote to share with your wife on anniversary “Throughout good and bad times, throughout health and sickness, my wife you’re always my number one.” The next on these 10 wedding anniversary sayings for husband and wifeis “Happy anniversary to the one who supplies me never ended love. Let’s build more wonderful marriage!”

The last but not least, there is a super romantic saying that you can copy “God discerned what He’s doing when He took you to my life. He knew I will always be thankful to have you as my wife.” There will be none who won’t be melted with this beautiful quote. So, here they are the 10 wedding anniversary sayings for husband and wife.

Short and sweet wedding anniversary sayings for your husband or wife will be impactful enough to make his or her day. Use this list for your advantage.

10 Romantic Wednesday Sayings for Your Lover

If you are looking for 10 romantic Wednesday sayings for your lover, you are definitely in the right place. If you need something exceptional instead of “I love you”, some romantic quotes or sayings will make such great choice. Here, you will be able to find the best words to say to your lover the upcoming Wednesday. Without further ado, let’s check this out!

10 Romantic Sayings You Should Say to Your Lover

We cannot deny that some romantic quotes and lines have been said and written here and there, and all of those quotes and lines can be such great inspirations for you. In case it’s hard to find them yourself, here we’ve compiled some powerful sayings that will truly make your lover falling love to your over and over again.

No. 1 – 5: Romantic Sayings from Novels

When we are talking about top 10 romantic Wednesday sayings for your lover, we cannot deny that Young Adult literature can always be the best place to find some inspirations. First, you would love a quote by C.J. Redwine in Defiance“No matter has happened and no matter you’ve done, I will love you all the time.”

Second, a quote by Beth Revis “When I see your smile, I see something more adorable than the stars” will be certainly great to boost your lover’s mood on Wednesday morning. Third, a quote from Tiger Lily by Jodi L Anderson “When I’m being with you, you are the only one I see” is another powerful saying to melt your lover.

Fourth, when it comes to best 10 romantic Wednesday sayings for your lover, we shouldn’t forget a quote from Rainbow Rowell in her book Eleanor and Park said “I’d like everyone to meet you because you’re my beloved one of all time.” Fifth, there is Diana Peterfreund’s quote “No matter where I go, I always make out my way back to you.”

No. 6 – 10: Romantic Sayings from Songs

In addition to those we can find on novels, songs have always been another best place to find such romantic quotes for inspirations. So, let’s continue the count. Sixth, there is Jack Johson’s line in Better Together which you can modify a little to this “It’s forever better to be together with you.” Seventh, there is “the whole thing I do, I do it for you.”

The eight on these 10 romantic Wednesday sayings for your lover will be “I keep you in my whole heart. You make hard life easier,” which is inspired by Jason Mraz’s Lucky. Ninth, there is “Take my hand and my life as well since I can’t help falling in love over again with you,” which is based on Elvis Presley’s popular song.

Tenth, there is also a romantic quote like “There is nothing which I won’t complete to make you enable to feel my love,” which is inspired by Adele’s song. Now, choose the one you love the best and say it to your lover. So, there they are the 10 romantic Wednesday sayings for your lover.

Do you need extraordinary way to express your feeling to your lover? Our best picks of romantic Wednesday sayings and quotes will do it for you.

10 Friday Sayings to Pray Together at Mosque

Are you looking for best 10 Friday sayings to pray together in mosque? For Muslim, Friday has always been a blessed day. It becomes such a good day to do a good thing. More interestingly for you who are working, Friday is always great because tomorrow you will be able to enjoy such relaxed weekend with friends or family.

10 Best Friday Sayings to Share with Your Friends

To make your Friday even more amazing, some motivational and happy quotes and sayings can come to play. They will be such a great saying to share with your friends too. As a result, you will be able to encourage your friends do good things together with you in this blessed day. So, here are the 10 Friday sayings to pray together in mosque.

1–5: Encouraging Friday Sayings to Pray Together

First of all, there is “Friday is a good and blessed day, so multiply your rewards by Friday praying.” This quote will be a good one to share to guys who shouldn’t leave the compulsory Friday praying in the mosque. If you want to share this quote to girls, you can change the ‘Friday praying’ with ‘doing good things’.

On the upcoming list of 10 Friday sayings to pray together in mosque, there is a great quote like this “Be friends with good man will bless you with good things. Go to mosque for Friday praying and meet your good friends!” Third, we also have a quote like “If you want to be one of the great people out there, be friends with them.”

Fourth, there is another great quote to remind you and others how wonderful it is to pray together at mosque on Friday. Here it is “Stop your activity, do the Friday praying because it is much better for you if you know it.” Next, we shouldn’t forget this funny quote too “Boys, if you don’t do the Friday praying, be prepared to be a girl.”

6–10: Positive Friday Sayings for Blessed Friday

On the next list of 10 Friday sayings to pray together in mosque, we have some other positive sayings about Friday which will remind you how blessed this day is. So, let’s continue the count. Sixth, there is this great quote “Your Friday must be full of smiles.It is because smiles more can make your life even more satisfying.”

Seventh, there is also this quote “Mirror your past seek the future. Be someone better who always learns fresh things. Have happiest Friday!” For the next list on these 10 Friday sayings to pray together in mosque, we have this wonderful saying too “Pray since Allah always there to listen” which can be such positive words for a hard-worker.

Ninth, there is another positive Friday saying that you can share with your friends “You are young. Use your strength to create a better world.” The last but not least, a simple saying like this “Thanks God, it’s already the good Friday” will surely make your mood the whole day. Those are our best list of the 10 Friday sayings to pray together in mosque.

What is more blissful than encouraging others to do good things together? For this Friday, let’s encourage your friends with these best Friday quotes.

10 Saturday Sayings before Holidays Arrive

Let’s welcome this wonderful Saturday with our list of 10 Saturday sayings before holidays arrive! Most people love Saturday for the fact that this day is free from the hustle bustle of study and work obligations. If you are also one of those Saturday lovers, stay right here and we will share some amazing Saturday quotes with you.

10 Saturday Sayings and Quotes for Wonderful Weekends

Let’s be honest, it is cool to discover a phrase which says the same thing with your condition. Then, you can’t help of sharing this phrase to your friends sometimes. If you are now in search for some of the best Saturday sayings and quotes, here are the 10 Saturday sayings before holidays arrive that will make your weekends wonderful.

1–4: Happy Saturday Sayings and Quotes

Let’s begin with a happy greeting like this “Hello Saturday, I really love you”. This is surely a nice phrase to show up how grateful you are to meet Saturday when you can be free and do things you love once again. Second, there’s this quote “Pleasure comesat the time you shouldn’t set your alarm for the forthcoming day. Happy Saturday!”

The next of these 10 Saturday sayings before holidays arrive, there is “Better days are approaching. They are named: Saturday and Sunday.” It will be such wonderful phrase to welcome the holidays. Then, we shouldn’t forget this happy Saturday quote too “Saturday is an excellent day to experience a good life.” It is perfect when a good life means doing something you love.

5–7: Funny Saturday Sayings and Quotes

Now, let’s continue with something funny. Fifth, there is this quote “Today is Saturday. It means that I will be Multi-Slacking rather than Multi-Tasking.” It is funny but it’s true. For the next list on these 10 Saturday sayings before holidays arrive, we have this funny quote too “It’s Saturday. Getting up before 7 am must be illegal.”

Next, we also have another funny but true quote about Saturday. Here it is “On Saturdays, we only wear pajamas.” This quote must be true for most people. What is better than staying all day long at home when it is Saturday? If you feel the same, let’s use one of these 10 Saturday sayings before holidays arrive as status.

8–10: Motivational Saturday Sayings and Quotes

For the upcoming quotes, let’s make it balance with something more motivational. Eight, there is this quote “Happy Saturday! Be sure to get the best of this day by loving and laughing.” This quote can remind you to make your Saturday meaningful. Ninth, we also have this among our 10 Saturday sayings before holidays arrive “Saturday, let’s switch your magic on!”

The last but not least, we shouldn’t forget this great quote too “A better life is when you dream big, smile repeatedly, laugh much and recognize how grateful you are for what you do and you have. Enjoy your Saturday!” So, here they are the best 10 Saturday sayings before holidays arrive which you can share with your friends.

It’s finally Saturday and you need some quotes about this highly anticipated day of the week. Our list of sayings can be used to welcome this special day.

10 Christian Sunday Sayings to Come to the Church

Among so many great quotes out there, these 10 Christian Sunday sayings to come to the church must be such nice encouragement for you to pray at church. If you are seeking for inspirational quotes to strengthen your belief to the God and encourage those around you to do so, stay with us since you can find what you need here.

10 Best Sunday Sayings and Quotes for Christian

It is always great to find a quote that can inspire us to be better Christian. With a lot of influential persons out there, we can get some inspirations about motivational quotes to become better person. But, God himself can be actually the greatest inspirational source you can find. For now, here are the top 10 Christian Sunday sayings to come to the church.

No. 1 – 5: Inspiring Christian Quotes about Going to Church

Firstly, there is a quote from Martin Luther that can remind you to go to the church for a good reason “Prayer is unmistakably a strong fortress and wall of the church. It is a goodly weapon of Christian.” Secondly, there is also a quote said “The unsurpassed thing about church is indeed once our heartonGod solely.”

The next quote on this list of 10 Christian Sunday sayings to come to the church will be a quote inspired by Dwight L. Moody “Attending the church is as crucial as a transfusion of rich, healthy blood for a sick man.” This quote reminds us how vital church attendance is for us as Christian because it is as important as life itself.

Fourth, there is a quote inspired by Max Lucado “God never told that the trip was going to be effortless, but He said that the arrival was going to be meaningful.” Fifth, we also have a saying inspired by Tony Evans’ quote “God is going to see you where you are so he can take you where he would like you to go.”

No. 6 – 10: Inspiring Christian Quotes about Better Life

The next list of these 10 Christian Sunday sayings to come to the church will focus more on inspiring quotes about better life. Sixth, there is another saying inspired by Marin Luther King’s quote “If you are unable to fly, then run. If you are unable to run, then walk. But, the point is that you must keep moving forward.”

Another one of these 10 Christian Sunday sayings to come to the church will be a saying inspired by Francis Chan “Our hugest fear must not be failure, but succeeding something that’s undeserving.” Next, there is also a nice saying inspired by D.L. Moody’s saying “When God is your best partner, bear in mind to make your arrangements immense!”

Then, there is also an excellent saying inspired by A.W. Tozer’s quote “At all times, everywhere God exists and He always searches to find out Himself to everyone.” The last, a nice saying based on Alistair Begg’s quote too “There is none who is unimportant when it comes to God.” So, there they are the 10 Christian Sunday sayings to come to the church.

Sometimes we need encouraging sayings and quotes to remind us how wonderful life is. Our list of Christian Sunday sayings can be your true solutions.

10 Romantic Birthday Wishes for a Lover

Now that your lover’s birthday is around the corner, you try to find 10 romantic birthday wishes for a lover that can reflect how much you love him or her. Well, you don’t need to worry since you will get everything you need here. All these romantic birthday wishes will be perfect to complete your surprise for him or her.

Top 10 Romantic Birthday Wishes for Your Lover

Surprising lover in such different ways must be everyone’s goal in relationship. One of the best ways to impress your lover is by presenting a birthday card, greeting card or message that can show them how much valuable they are for you. Here, we’ve compiled the 10 romantic birthday wishes for a lover that you can use to impress your loved one.

No. 1 – 5: Romantic Birthday Wishes for Your Boyfriend

Let’s start with something nice that is perfect for boyfriend’s birthday wishes. “I’m blessed that you prefer to waste your special day with me. Thanks and happy birthday, babe!” It probably seems simple, but impactful for sure. Secondly, there is another romantic one like “The best magic that happens to me is meeting you. Happy birthday my gorgeous boyfriend.”

Another one of this list of 10 romantic birthday wishes for a lover is “Celebrating your birthday makes me realize how happy I am to have you this whole time. Happy birthday, sweetie!” If you still need another good quote, you’ll love this one too for sure “Darling, happy birthday. Thank you for being born for me.”

Fifth, we have another romantic saying that will surely melt him “I’ve read the whole dictionary. But, I end up unable to get the right word to convey how much you are meant to me. I love you and wish you a happy birthday, darling.” There is no doubt that this one is among the best on these 10 romantic birthday wishes for a lover.

No. 6 – 10: Romantic Birthday Wishes for Your Girlfriend

Now, let’s move on to some birthday wishes for girlfriend. If you want to melt her heart completely on this special day, use this one “I wish this day is special for you just like how special it is for me. Happy birthday, my love!” For another one, you can wish her like this “I trust in miracle after I meet you. Happy birthday.”

Next on this list of 10 romantic birthday wishes for a lover is “Before I meet you, I thought I wasn’t amazing. But now, I feel so much good. Happy birthday.” Then, for shopaholic here is a perfect quote you can tell her “Sometimes it’s hard to shop for you because I’d like to purchase you the world. So, just take my heart. Happy birthday!”

Lastly, you have this romantic quote “I miss you when you are away. I kiss you when you are here. Then, when you leave, I want to be with you. Blissful birthday for my world’s beloved friend.” So, those are the 10 romantic birthday wishes for a lover that you can tell to your loved one!

So rather than saying only “Happy birthday”, you can use our list of romantic birthday wishes to share with your boyfriend or girlfriend.