Android Tips; Tips to Reduce Battery Use of Your Smartphone

Out of many Android tips out there, tips to know the best way in reducing battery use is very important. Of course, it is important to know such that information, as battery use will be needed in certain condition. To make sure that your Android can stay longer, you have to know some tips about it. Then, what you should do to keep your battery?

Reducing Battery Use for Android

One of the Android tips about reducing battery is that you have to know which application that consumes battery use for the most. Some applications which do not really important sometimes take too much consumption of your battery. To know about it, you can go to your battery setting and you will know about the percentage of the battery use for each application.

Then, after you know about the battery consumption for every application, you will know which one is consuming the most battery of your Android. Then, you can be decide to choose which application that you should not use in certain condition, in order to reduce the battery. In this case, some applications like game and some social media require high consumption of battery.

Besides that, reducing your battery can be through another way, which is simpler. You can turn off some applications that do not really important. For example, you can turn off the radio as you might not listen to it at that time. This is one of the Android tips that can also useful for you to reduce the battery use for your smartphone.

Then, do not forget to turn on the power saving mode. Actually, this is one of Android tips that can be used if you only have this feature. It means, if you have a chance to turn on the power saving mode, you will be better to activate it, for the longer battery use. So, you can save the power of your Android.

Additional Power for Your Android

Sometimes you might do not have a chance to turn some applications since you really need those applications for work. At that point, you might use your battery in faster period, since your Android works harder with the active applications. At that time, you will not be able to try any Android tips above to save the battery.

Then, the only solution is you have to bring your charger along with you, whenever you go. It can be your prevention act to lose the battery of your Android and cannot do anything once the battery is out. Besides that, you also can use the portable charger or portable additional battery. It is simpler solution, since you can bring it everywhere.

So, if you want your Android battery stay safe but do not have any applications to be turned off, since all the applications are important, this is the solution. You can bring the additional or portable battery charger together with you. It will help you to charge your Android easily. That is all the information about Android Tips on reducing battery for you.

Recommended List of Best Android to Buy in 2020

Who does not want to have one of the best Android products as their gadget? The best brand of course offers many features that make people want to buy it. Some Android products are popular in this year and should be on your list of your next gadget. Then, what are the names of those products? Check this out!

Top 3 Popular and Best Android in 2018

As smartphone Android is one of current popular gadget, people start to seek the Android they want. At the beginning, it was only the part of sophisticated gadget. Yet, it grows as the part of tools that can help people’s daily activities. Even many important activities can be done with this gadget and it makes smartphone becomes more necessary.

An Android product can be called as the best product as the smartphone have features and specifications which work well and make people put their interest with the product. One of the newest Android products that considered as best Android is Samsung Galaxy S9. Yes, this is the newest series of Galaxy S-Series from Samsung. This product becomes recommended because of its specifications.

As this product is the newest feature, of course, it makes the features here become more sophisticated. The design is also good and elegant, make people really want to have this Android as their gadget. The camera is also good, so those who have photography as their hobby also can take more interesting pictures with smartphone.

Meanwhile, the next example of recommended Android is Google Pixel 3. This gadget becomes one of the best Android products in this year as its specifications are very fascinating. It is also already supported with the current Android system, which is Android 9.0 or Android Pie. Besides Samsung Galaxy S9 and Google Pixel 3, you still can find for many good Android products too.

Tips to Buy Best Android for New Gadget

As many Android products are mentioned in the previous paragraphs, it would be good to have some considerations while choosing your new gadget. Before you decide to buy one of any best Android products that mentioned, you better to know well about its specifications. The specifications will lead you to know which the best Android product for you is.

If you consider about having products which are good with photographs, whether it is for panoramic purpose or self photo purpose, some Android with good cameras will be good for you. Meanwhile, it would be different for having Android with good battery life and other complete features of your Android. So, you have to choose the products based on the specifications and your need.

Besides that, do not forget to consider about the price. Even though you already find your choice among many recommended Android products, you still need to make sure that the price is in the same range with the budget you have. With those kinds of considerations, you can finally get the Android that you dreamt of. Then, which one is the best Android you want to buy?

Top 3 Android with Best Front Camera

Android with best front camera nowadays becomes the type of wanted gadget for the users. The capacity of camera becomes preference for many people as having good camera on your smartphone can be very useful. Of course, when you love to take pictures and keep your memories through photo, it is something normal to have that kind of thought.

Best 3 Android with Good Front Camera

Not only for those who love to take pictures of nature or any phenomenon, those who love to take pictures of them self or taking self photo with front camera will also recommend any good smartphone with good camera. Some smartphones are having incredible specifications for camera, which you should never forget. What are those Android with best front camera?

Huawei P20 Pro becomes the top list when it comes to how great the camera is. The specifications of camera that is featured in Huawei P20 Pro is quiet unique, since it is still too rare to find it in the other Android. The front camera for this Android has 20-megapixel in resolution, in which it is even better than many other Android products’ rear camera.

The other Android that is worth to be called as Android with best front camera is Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Being launched in November 2018, this smartphone is really supported with good camera. It is even better than Huawei P20 Pro. For the front camera, it even has higher resolution, which is 24-megapixel. Can you bet how clear the result will be?

Then, move from Huawei product, Google Pixel 3 and Goodle Pixel 3 XL become the next nomination of Android with best front camera. Even though the resolution might be not as big as the cameras from Huawei, the feature of front camera in Google Pixel 3 is supported with dual system and there are 8-megapixel for both of the cameras.

The Benefits of Having Good Front Camera

You might consider the previous explanation about the list of Android with good resolutions of front camera as your reference. Over all, as you can purchase any Android with good camera featured, you can have some benefits. Especially, if the front camera is quiet good, you can take some opportunities from it. Then, what will be the opportunities?

Of course, you can take better self camera pictures from your smartphone. With bigger resolution, the result will not be blurred. Some cameras even have their own ‘beauty’ features, which will make the result become more gorgeous. So, it is something good to have Android with best front camera, especially if you love to take photo of yourself with your front camera.

If you want to have more useful Android, it would be better to consider the camera in it and also the other things related with the phone’s performance. As reminder, as you might love to do photography, it is good to consider having Android with best front and rear camera for taking self photo. So, choose your Android with best front camera as your gadget!

Recommended yet Cheapest Android in 2020

Nowadays, cheapest Android becomes recommended, since many brands are brave enough to sell their product in quiet low price but still very good in performance. In 2018, some names of Android products can be categorized as the cheapest products of Android, yet still have very good specifications and even performance.

Do you want to know the names of those products?

Best Cheapest Android Products in 2020

As we can already find many cheap Android with best performance, to get the good start, Xiaomi Mi A2 becomes one of the best cheapest Android this year. It gets almost perfect rating from the users, which are 4.5 from 5 stars. By only $229.49, you can get smartphone with good system, displays, and even cameras. It is quiet good and fantastic offer for you.

The next name of the most affordable Android to buy is Honor 9 Lite. You can purchase this Android by only prepare for your $230. You will get an Android with very cool and elegance design. Do not worry about the specifications and even the resolution of the camera , since all you can find in this smartphone is good enough.

Come to the next one, Motorola Moto E5 joins our list. You only need to pay for $153.22 and you will get the full package of almost perfect Android. Even though the design is quiet different with the common Android, but this Android is already supported with finger scanner. Besides that, battery life of this smartphone is also good to be compared with the other.

Those 3 names are considered as the best list of cheapest Android in 2018. Actually, you also still can find the other names which are also good. However, those 3 names are enough for you to find more about the most affordable Android for your gadget. So, which one is your choice among those names of the most affordable Android?

Reasons Why Choosing the Cheapest One

For you who still have your hesitate to buy the cheapest Android, actually you do not have to worry anymore about the performance. Many affordable Android products are built with good specifications and even still provide that they can give good performance. It proves that the growing technology shows that now affordable price does not mean the product will have low quality.

Besides that, the smartphones that come from affordable price also have very well and luxury looks. It means that the cheap price still can give you an elegant look or design of a gadget. It makes you do not need to spend too much money only for having the good looking gadget. It is something that very reachable nowadays.

By choosing the cheaper one, you also can keep your money into your saving and make better infestation for your future. You can save your money for something urgent in your future instead of spending it for your gadget. So, you do not have to feel small just by having cheap gadget, as long as the cheap one can provide you better. That is all the information about cheapest Android in 2018 for you.

How to Purchase the Best Affordable Android

Best affordable Android still become things that wanted by many people. Of course we all know that some products have very high price for Android. However, it is something promising, as some brands already have their reputation and even trusted to make people fall in love with their product. They do not bother to spend their money for it.

Things to Consider While Choosing Affordable Android

However, for you who might be more considerate in buying Android, but still want to get Android with the best performance, you do not have to worry because nowadays we can find many best affordable Android in the market. Thing that you have to know that you choose the right product is by considering about the specifications. Then, what you should do while picking it?

If you want to pick the best affordable Android, you better to know about some specifications of it. You have to make sure that the specifications are promising, even though it is cheaper than the luxury product. To make you surer about it, you can read some reviews about it, which will make you, become more confident to purchase the products.

Many people use the affordable Android and they still can enjoy their activities using it. You can get the reviews and make your list about several names of Android product that can be considered as affordable for you. However, you will still find smartphone with the best performance on your list. You can look up to the good sides and lacking sides of the phones.

After you got the recommendation of some affordable Android , you can choose and consider which one is having the best specifications. Make sure that the specifications will provide you the performance that you want. Then, do not forget to consider about the range of the price. Make sure that the price does not beyond on your limit, so you still can purchase it.

Lastly, make your decision about the best Affordable Android that you want to buy. Do not forget to consider about all the factors, which are the reviews, specifications and the price itself. Then, you will find out the best Android for use, but it very affordable price. So, this is how you can purchase your affordable but useful gadget.

Why Should Choose the Best Affordable Android?

Actually, deciding to purchase the affordable one instead of choosing the luxury one is something that very relative. You can buy it as long as you have the money, but if you have more things to consider with your budget, choosing the affordable one is better. As long as the Android can give the best performance, it is good to have it in lower price.

Some brands are already popular to have affordable price but still in good performance, so you do not have to worry whenever you purchase any affordable Android. It proves that even the affordable one can still have the same quality or even better than the luxury one. In conclusion, it is all about your choice to buy the best affordable Android or the luxury one.

Tips to Update Your Android System

Android system update becomes feature that available for some Android smartphones . Even though not all Android is supported with this feature, system update is still something important to know. For you who probably the Android is available to be updated, you should know the steps.

Then, what you should do to update the system in your Android?

Checking Your Android System Update

If you want to check whether the system is already updated or not, you can check it easily to know about the Android system update. The first step to do is you have to open your smartphone setting. Click the “Settings” menu. Then, click “Setting apps” menu for more setting. Usually, you can find it in your Apps menu.

After that, you will find many other menus and you can choose “About Phone”, which is usually in the very bottom of the menu list. Click that menu and then you have to click “System” there. However, for some other Android, it would be a little bit different and you can click “System Updates” instead of “System”, so you can choose that menu.

For the next step, you can click “Software Updates”, in other Android, it can be “Download updates manually” menu instead. So, you can choose which one is available on your screen. After that, you can check the Android system, whether there is an update or not. You can click the menu of “Check for Update” and you will find whether there is available update or not.

It takes some times to check the available system and once you get the notice that there is system update, you can make your choice to update it now or later. If you want to update later, you can click the “Later” bottom. However, if you want to download the update, you can click “Download” instead.

Then, you can wait for the download until finished.

Thing You Have to Remember of Android System Update

After you know about the steps for Android system update, you have to know about several things related with it. For example, you have to remember that not all Android products are supported with the updates. Only several Android can be updated and it is sometimes still require other specifications. So, you do not need to worry once you do not get the update notification.

You also have to make sure to update your system under good connection. It would be better if you are under Wi-Fi and make sure the Wi-Fi is stable enough to download the update. It is important for the sake of the complete system download, so that the updated system will not be failed and you still available to use the system perfectly.

Besides that, if you get the notice to update the system, it would be good for you to update it. Since the update will be important for you, as your Android is built up to get the notice, it would be good to update it. With the update, the Android can run the system in better way and the Android system update also can help you to make some applications available.